Buffy Miller

Ballerina Buffy Miller - around 1984 or 1986
Buffy went on to perform as a ballerina professionally as an adult. She still dances today.


  1. your dad's work is beautiful, talent is in your blood. Thank you for showing it.

  2. I'm nither an artist nor poet but receive much pleasure and inspiration from both. Thank you for sharing your talent with all.

  3. What a wonderful artist. This is a beautiful way of keeping his memory.
    Kind Regards

  4. Dear Wilderartist, Surfergrandma and Trevor. Thank you all so much for your wonderful words. I very much appreciate that you took time to view Dad's art, and that you appreciate how wonderfully he painted. He was incredibly gifted and was a super great friend to all who knew him.

  5. Thank you so much, Dominic. My father would have loved your work as well.

  6. wonderful painting Tina..
    being an ex dancer I can relate ...your Father really captured the moment in a dancer's life ...
    I've added your Dad's site to the Directory :)
    thanks for your email :)
    cheers Kim

  7. Thank you, Kim, I am so glad you liked this. And thanks for everything.


Thank you for viewing my father's art. Comments are very much appreciated.